Kazunari Horiuchi

Kazunari Horiuchi

Attorney-at-Law, Patent Attorney

Email: kazunari.horiuchi@kubota-law.com

Mr. Kazunari Horiuchi is an attorney-at-law and Patent Attorney qualified in Japan.

Mr. Horiuchi graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Pharmacy in 2012 (Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences), and graduated with a Juris doctor degree from Chiba University Graduate School for Law in 2014. After one year of legal training, he was registered as a lawyer in December 2016. He worked at Takahashi Yuichiro Law Office in Tokyo, handling patent (mainly, machinery, software and pharmaceutical products), trademark and design prosecution, patent litigation and drafting opinions and contracts. He registered as a Patent attorney in 2018.

Mr. Horiuchi speaks English and Japanese.