Akihiro Sako

Akihiro Sako

Attorney-at-Law, Patent Attorney

TEL: +81-3-6452-9256
Email: sako@kubota-law.com

Mr. Akihiro Sako is an attorney-at-law and patent attorney qualified in Japan.

After graduating from Waseda University, Faculty of Law in 1999, Mr. Sako worked as a system engineer and consultant for five years. He graduated from Hokkaido University, School of Law in 2007 and was registered as a lawyer in 2008 and joined Miyake & Yamazaki, which is currently called Miyake & Partners. Mr. Sako graduated from University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law in 2012, passed the New York bar examination and spent ten months as a trainee at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garret & Dunner, LLP, Washington D.C. office. He was promoted to a partner at Miyake & Yamazaki in 2016, registered as patent attorney in 2017, and joined KUBOTA in 2020.

Mr. Sako provides legal services for various corporate legal affairs with focus on IP/IT related matters, including patent, trademark, copyright and unfair competition litigations, and M&A transactions. He is qualified as a Certified Software Design & Development Engineer.

Mr. Sako speaks English and Japanese. He is a member of Inter-Pacific Bar Association, Licensing Executives Society Japan and Japan Association of Industrial Property Law.


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